Only A Dream

A surprising day.

What a nice day. The hurricane called Delta seems to be turning west, so much so that New Orleans is completely out of the cone. With two days to go, anything could happen. I feel 90% safe. I am worried for the people of Lake Charles. They were devastated by one hurricane, hit by another and this one could be their third in only a few months.

Remember, I have a soft spot for Lake Charles. They took me, and a lot of other New Orleanians, in when we had no place to go fifteen years ago after Hurricane Katrina flooded 80% of the city.

The day was warm, but not hot. However, the all seeing dog was very lazy today. Our first walk was very good. Our second walk was short because she wanted to take a shortcut home. That’s when I found the flower. Even in her laziness she lead me to something pretty.

I also received some good news about a potential assignment. It’s good news because it’s an idea that I pitched. That doesn’t happen very often for anyone these days. We’ll have to see how it goes during the payment offer phase of the conversation.

I’m trying to keep national news out of Storyteller, but the president, in his last few months of power, is tweeting craziness. He’s scaring a lot of people including me. Doctors say that steroids have a lot of side effects. One is that they change your mood and the other is they affect your ability to think.

Don’t make me say it.

Stay safe. Stay mighty. Wear your mask. Take care of each other.

Purple. I really like the color purple. Truth be told, it was the yellow that first caught my eye.

Between the purple, green and yellow (gold) we have Mardi Gras colors. At least for Mardi Gras past. I’m pretty sure that we will not celebrate Carnival in 2021.

If The White House is a super spreader, just think about the streets of New Orleans with people competing for beads.

Already, a couple of krewes are opting out.

The more I work with my smartphone the more I’m starting to dislike it.

There was another operating system upgrade a few days ago.

One thing that Samsung added was a patch over the LCD when you are photographing. It’s a little circle. Theoretically, the patch tells you the best version of the picture according to sharpness.

Does this picture look like it was ever sharp?

I had to turn it into something weird in order to publish it.

I just wish technology companies would leave well enough alone.



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