Colors of Fall

Color. Pure color. Colors of Autumn. Changing leaves. Faded greens. Falling leaves. Eventually, bare trees. That’s the season. Fall. That’s where we are today. This photograph might be a Sunday picture. But, I like it a lot and wanted you to see it. Today.

I’ll get into it’s construction in the right hand column. It’s enough to say that this picture has crossed the line from photograph into something else. May art? Maybe not?

I made this picture late Wednesday night after the debate between Kamala, Mike and the fly. The fly seemed to be as important as the two humans if you watched the socials and read news.

Who cares?

Who won? I could answer it with the last line that I wrote above. In this case it matters. With two almost ready to walk off their mortal coils because they are old. Old, not by a presidential standard, but old as human beings, Vice Presidents matter. A lot.

What I saw was a man who took too much time, tried to talk over a woman and mostly spouted talking points with little or no flexibility. I saw a woman who was agile minded, strong and was able to overcome the twists and turns of the debate.

She used her face to convey her emotions. If you live in a place like New Orleans, like I do, you know those looks. If you are smart, you say “Yes Ma’am, no ma’am” and walk quickly away.

Those looks are Black women’s looks. The age of the woman doesn’t matter. I think grandmas are the toughest. They can shut down the toughest wannabe gang banger in about ten seconds. That’s just her grandson. Then, she’ll turn to his friends. They’ll run away.

That’s what Ms. Harris did during the debate. She toned it down some towards the end, but she made her point.

Of course, there was this.


Funny. Nothing that I write works with the picture until we get over here to the right hand column.

I’d like to say, “That’s because…,” But, there is no reason. It’s just what I do.


The image is made of two different photographs. The main image is a picture that I made of a swimming pool with a few leaves in it. I turned the colors a little atomic and stopped.

The second image is a rose that I showed many moons ago. I layered that onto the main picture and fine tuned to the point where I was happy with it.

That’s what you are seeing.

I think it’s a fall picture. A happy fall picture.

What do you think?

Stay safe. Stay mighty. Wear your mask. Look after others.



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