Plug Me in

Finally, Autumn skies.

Finally. A real autumn sky, one with low yellow light. Light that peeks through the clouds and paints everything in front of it orange. One that turns the dusk sky dark blue, bordering on black.

That’s what we saw on a late afternoon walk that turned into almost night. The all seeing dog was sleeping pretty late into the early evening. When she awoke she coming hauling butt into my office where she proceeded to do a little dance which said, “I need to go outside right now.”

I always wonder about that since we have a doggie door. The other dogs are fine with it. She’s fine with it if we aren’t home, but if we are, she turns special.

Out we went. We headed toward the river and eventually came to this place. Condoville. That’s where the sun broke through over a street.

Funny thing about this dog. When I get to a place where she thinks that I want to stop, she stops. That’s what she did here, right in the middle of the street. I was able to take my time, which wasn’t more than a few minutes. I knew what I had so we kept walking.

One more thing.

We walked with a nice cool, dry breeze.

Autumn in Southeastern Louisiana.

Seeing. Seeing, feeling and light. That’s the picture. Seeing is about the subject. Feeling is how it made you, the photographer, feel. And, how you make your viewers feel. Light. Without it there is no photograph.

Sometimes, it’s easy. The subject is obvious. The feelings are mutual, between you and me. And, the light… what can I say?

I’m not the biggest fan of sunsets. At a certain point they become cliche. This one has a subject and I’m willing to bet this is my first of the year.

I also say that if that beautiful golden, orange light is in front of you, turn around. See what it illuminates. That could be THE picture. In case you are wondering, yes I did.

Stay safe. Stay mighty.Wear your mask. Keep your distance. Look after each other.



2 responses to “Plug Me in”

  1. Judi Castille Avatar

    I am not a sunset fan either but this works…its the building.


  2. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

    Thank you. The building and the intensity helps too.


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