Under A Blood Red Sky

Autumn Light

Light. Autumn light. As autumn fades into winter, the light is amazing. Shadows are long and have golden edges to them. The air fades to orange. The light around dusk is magical.

That’s what I see, anyway. The all seeing dog likes to go outside around that time. That’s good. We see all sorts of things together. She knows my moves and stops when she sees me look through the viewfinder. When I’m done she walks on.

Last evening she confused herself. She didn’t know which way she wanted to go. So, we went both ways. If you circle back you can do that.

I think that we both like this time of year, as does everyone else in the house, canines and humans.

One more thing about this time of year. I just read that Saturn and Jupiter will be so close that they will look like one, making The Star of Bethlehem. That will happen on the day of winter solstice. Even if you can’t photograph it, you should see it. The last time it happened was 800 years ago.

You don’t want to wait another 800 years, do you?

Stay safe. Stay mighty. Wear your mask. Keep your distance. Wash your hands. Look after each other. Enjoy all the low golden light.

Dusk. One of my favorite times to work. It is a little richer than dawn because there are so many particulates in the air.

Of course, like everything, timing is everything. And, luck. Clouds have to move. The sun has to shine.

For me, a scene like this must be spectacular. I’m not a sunset guy unless the sky is stunning. This one was.

I made a bunch of exposures, framing and adjusting the light into the camera. I selected the one I liked best. I added a formulaic set of filters and I was done.



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