Some Say

They call this winter.

Funny things are happening. This picture is an example of them. It’s winter. It’s fairly cold. But, it feels like spring. That’s why I made this photograph. It is spring-like.

I’ll get into the technical stuff in the right hand column. Over here, I’d like to discuss feeling. How a picture makes the viewer feel is more important than documenting the subject. That human connection, that feeling is something that is almost impossible to set out to do. Usually, it is accidental.

For me, if I set out to produce a gallery or portfolio piece the image just doesn’t sparkle. It may work from a technical approach, but not from an artistic perspective. It certainly doesn’t promote viewer feeling.

If I’m really in my zone I might even change your perspective. Or not.

That’s really the best thing.


Layers, layers, layers. That’s how I made this picture.

The base layer is brown. The second layer is brown. The third layer is green. They are all made from the same photograph and slightly skewed.

Normally, I would tinker until I reached the point that I wanted. This picture is minimal. Not much tinkering required.

Feeling. Feeling the scene. Feeling your own feelings. This picture works for me because it makes me think about spring even though the high temperature today is 40 degrees. My feelings.

Stay safe. Stay strong. Stay mighty. Wear your mask. Wash your hands. Keep your distance. Look after each other. Enjoy your feelings. May they be spring-like.



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