For a Brand New Day

Blue skies for a while.

Like just about everyone else who could watch it, we watched it. We watched a new president be sworn in as a very small crowd watched.

For many of us it was areligious experience. I think the administration planned it that way. It was all inclusive. It was inspiring. It moved everyone in this house to tears.

Tears watching Kamala Harris. Tears watching Joe Biden speak. Tears of joy watching the past president who shall not be named leave.

A four year nightmare was over.

A day or two ago I felt the weight lift off of my shoulders. Many of the folks that I talked with felt the same way.

Today, I’m positively giddy.

I heard the words, “Make friends of your enemies,” echoing something Abraham Lincoln said immediately after the Civil War ended. We’d better listen.

I don’t know about all of you, but this really is a new day. Will the new administration be miracle workers? I doubt it. But, they are on the right track and so are we.


I made this picture a few days ago. I was saving it for something special.

Today is the day.

I did not publish the picture on the actual day of the inauguration. I’m pragmatic enough to hope for the best and plan for the worst.

The best happened. The worst never did.

The picture was actually pretty easy to make because f the time of day and quality of light. It was also easy to develop and edit.

You know you are on the right track when that happens.

Stay safe. Stay strong. Stay mighty. Wear your masks. Wash your hands. Keep your distance. Keep your head about you, but enjoy the rest of the week. It’s the best week that we’ve had in a long time.




3 responses to “For a Brand New Day”

  1. Debra Avatar

    It was a remarkable day of transition, wasn’t it? I didn’t miss one minute of the festivities and I do feel a sense of being less burdened! I’m going to enjoy the feeling for as long as I can!

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    1. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

      Yes it was. There were a lot of tears in this house. We had my SIL on Zoom. When Kamala Harris swore her oath, musical miss and six started crying. One is Indian, the other Indian-American. I feel lighter still. I try never to read new Trump stories.


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