Light and Day

The beginnings.

This was a terribly hard picture to make. I couldn’t find the angle. I couldn’t find a clean way to make it. I was working too close. I stood back, worked wide and finally made an image that I liked.

Generally, I think a good picture is fairly easy to make, at least in the short term As I’ve said repeatedly, let the picture come to you.

Some folks are confused by that notion. They think I mean going out looking for pictures completely unprepared.

That’s not true.

I’m always learning, studying, testing and experimenting.

Everything that I read, listen to, and see comes into play. Then, there’s just living my life. And, my personal history.

When I actually start making pictures all of that comes into play. I try to make photographs that are more than just a document of what I saw. I try to make you feel what I felt when I made the picture. I try to go further but that’s really hard.

I don’t talk much about gear on Storyteller. I try to teach you how to think about pictures. It’s philosophy not technology that you find here.

Stay safe. Stay mighty. You are experts in the rest. Enjoy all your jabs.

I titled the image, “Springish.” It’s about early blooms and the change of season.

As I said in the left column, this picture was hard to make. For me, finding a clean composition is important.

This picture is fairly minimal. I like photographs that are minimal as long as that doesn’t hurt the subject. Let the picture tell you what to do.

Once I made the picture I headed into the digital studio.

There was a lot of work done in post production. I made sure the background was as clean as I could make it. I added a little glow.

Because the picture is so light I put a heavy border on it.

That’s what I did.



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