Picture Show

Oooooh no, Mr. Bill.

I broke a picture. It slipped out of my hands and dropped on the floor. It was just a flimsy digital file of about 36 mp.

That’ll happen.

Seriously, there is no way to do that. Digital files are made of ones and zeros. They don’t exist physically. I suppose you could destroy one in a computer or erase one from a hard drive. But drop one?


Since I’m searching for the way forward I thought it would be a good idea to test some new software. If it’s for a phone it is usually free up to a point. Then, you have to pay for anything further. Sometimes I do, mostly I don’t.

This software is called Lumli. It’s okay, but I wouldn’t use it that often so I didn’t buy the rest of it.

The picture says more than you see. To me it’s about the globe and just how fractured we all are. There’s also hope because it draws together in the center. The trees may be barren for now. But there will be new growth.

I hope.

Stay safe. Stay mighty. Don’t think that your jabs are going to totally protect you. Enjoy every experiment.

Testing. That’s a big part of Storyteller. I want to know what works, what doesn’t, and what’s close enough for work arounds.

This blog is how I learn. There are other ways, but this is a big part of it.

One other way is to post on Instagram and let the picture be shared to Facebook.


Never follow the crowd. I suppose that I could have a huge amount of hearts and likes if I did what everybody else does.

Instead, test pictures. In my case, I want to have an idea of what viewers and readers like.

It’s not that I need the validation. I want to know because I’d like to have a salable archive. In a way, it’s disappointing.

Every scene is predictable.

I’ve made the pictures in better and different light, at an odd time of day or from a different view point.

I’ve known this for a while. There are eight to ten locations that buyers want. They are fairly well known.

If I photographed them seasonally I might never have to photograph them again since the scenes don’t change.

What would be the fun in that?



2 responses to “Picture Show”

  1. Cara Lockhart Smith Avatar

    Your WordPress entries, the images, and your writing about your life over the last year, have been really good to tune in to, so thank-you, Ray. I once said to my son, when he was very young, “Don’t run with the crowd” (really at that moment on the subject of bullying); but years later he said “don’t run with the crowd” was the best bit of advice he had ever been given; and he’s kind of stuck with it! I think coming out of lockdown is quite disturbing, I don’t quite know why, but we’ll all get involved in whatever we are involved in – I hope the music works out for you. This has been one difficult time for musicians.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

      Thank you. That’s very kind. Outsiders are sometimes the ones who do the most interesting and rewarding things. There is a podcast on Spotify that’s a combination between Bruce Springsteen and Barack Obama in which they see themselves as outsiders for very different reasons. It’s a very interesting take on themselves. Our lock down apparently wasn’t as severe as yours but still there’s a lot of misinformation and fear. Just today the CDC said that scientific models are predicting a horrible surge next winter which is just about the time we may need booster shots. Luckily, my musicians have money in the bank. They are well known and have been productive during the lockdown. We have decided that aside from a one off concert here and there, we won’t tour until 2022. Three reasons. Regional or national restrictions, no ability to buy tour insurance and with most venues opening with 30% capacity, we lose money every show.

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