These Times

Not always this way.

Once upon a time we lived in a land of peace. But, I forget when that was.

I read a comment that said we’ve had two mass shootings in two weeks. Yes, America is opening back up.

In New Orleans last Saturday night there were eight shootings. They weren’t in one place so it wasn’t a mass event. Still, eight people were wounded or killed. On touristy Bourbon Street, two people with guns shot at each other and hit two other innocent people.

Are we emerging from a year long lockdown only to walk into a hail of bullets?


I decided to publish this spring-like picture of these pretty little wildflowers. They were growing along the parking lot to my doctor’s office.

Oh, nothing is terribly wrong except that I’m still very limited in what I do. I mostly chatter on about my back and legs. Those won’t kill me, but CoVid-19 combined with CLL will.

I’ve written about this is the past. I have a kind of Leukemia that doesn’t do much. It’s called CLL. I get my blood tested twice a year and I talk with my oncologist about anything else but my condition. You see there’s nothing to be done. Or, that needs to be done. I’m mostly fine.


If, by chance, I caught the virus my body couldn’t defend itself. My red blood platelets are compromised. There are “holes” in them. Vaccination or no vaccination, I could die.

That’s what my doctor told me yesterday.

Me? I treasure my life. I have things to accomplish. I have things to do. Roads to travel. Life to live.

You? Stop shooting each other. Your life is worth something too. Enjoy it. If your mind and emotions are twisted, get some help. Don’t buy a gun.

Do you remember when I first started adding a tagline to my posts?

It started with “Enjoy every sandwich.” Warren Zevon said that to David Letterman when he was asked what he took away from his death sentence of cancer. It was his way of saying life is short. Enjoy it.

Man. Enjoy every sandwich.

I wish I had some big post production story to tell you about this photograph.

I don’t.

I made it after I left my doctor’s office thinking that we had all dodged some kind of bullet after being vaccinated. Most of you have. I haven’t.

I did the only thing I know to do in good or bad times.

Make a picture.

Two different kinds of monks say, “The work is the prayer.” If you’ve been around here for any length of time you’ve read that.

That’s what it is for me. Work equals prayer.

After that, post production editing was easy. The hardest part was to keep everything from becoming too bright, too oversaturated, too bloody.

That’s it. That’s the story. Photographing this bunch of little wildflowers made me feel good.

Maybe, they’ll help you feel good too.



2 responses to “These Times”

  1. Lady-Silvia Avatar

    Great picture! For some reason yellow always makes me smile. I was having similar thoughts the other day that made me write my latest post.
    We have so much to live for , we could all be better if we help each other.
    Wasting time hurting each other, killing each other and discriminate against each other is our demise.
    The universe doesn’t care what we look like!
    When we are born we are given a chance at life, I want to make the best out of mine and the people around me. We don’t know how long we’re going to live or if and what kind of disease might grab us…. whatever it is we have to ” own it”! I admire your genuine and honest words.
    Thank you for the beautiful picture!

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    1. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

      Yellow is a brightener. In commercial printing on large presses it is often used to open up an image. It’s also emotionally happy. Once, I had a bright yellow kitchen. In the morning when the sun came in the windows, aside from needing sunglasses, it always made me smile.

      Sometimes, it takes hard lessons to understand that hurting each other for no reason is the worst possible thing we can do. Unfortunately, as horrified as we are when something like the killings in Atlanta or Boulder are, they really don’t impact us. We aren’t hurt directly. I’m pretty sure if some Congressperson’s child was killed, you’d see changes. I would have thought that the insurrection of 6 January would have changed something, but no. I hate to say it, but sometimes serving in a war helps. I did. I’m the last person who wants violence. Most of us who did are the same.


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