Help Me Understand

Still late winter light.

The dogs don’t understand. Holiday or not, they want their walks. Even the aging dog who sees things still wants to go for long walks, just not as fast.

That’s okay with me.

I get the chance to look around and see stuff. I saw this scene about ten minutes into our walk. Then… nothing. That’s fine. It happens when it happens.

Yesterday was fine day. Coolish and bright. I opened the office/studio windows, proceeded to turn up the music and let the neighbors know that we were awake. You have no idea what live Bob Dylan does to the neighborhood. I supposed it’s better than lining up three or four buses on the street and letting them run so that the electricity keeps flowing.

No. I’m not that inconsiderate. Sometimes you just have to do your job and it gets a little loud. Yeah, even the loud Dylan is part of my job if you want me to write, right?

I wished this paid something. Photography barely pays these days. My other career has been shut down for over a year. We are talking about going back to work soon. That would be nice.

I’ll have to park some of those busses outside so they can be prepped. Their motors will take at least 45 minutes of warming up, belching diesel smoke all the while. And, that’s just to get to the point where needed work can be done.

One more thing. I don’t have a class whatever license. Hopefully the beat cops who patrol our neighborhood will just shake their heads and smile.

Or, not.

Maybe the pandemic will keep us shut down yet again. If all those people who won’t wear masks or social distance keep doing that, this will never end.

You know what Jerry Seinfeld said?

“People! They’re the worst.”

I don’t really believe that, but sometimes…

Doggo walked right to the place in front the trees. She wasn’t seeing any subject. She was just sniffing around.

The weather has been pretty dry for the last three days. We had two days of rain earlier. Everything smells different to her.

While she sniffed, I made a few pictures. Then, we walked. And, I made no more pictures.

I probably made a few exposures, the camera fighting me all the way. Or, rather the phone did.

Technology is defeating me these days. I didn’t care this time because nothing was moving, but if this was something like a second line I’d be pretty unhappy.

Admittedly, this picture took some work in editing. Remember, it’s fairly difficult to control the exposure. The phone exposed for the trees which blew everything out, especially the sun and surrounding areas.

The picture looks a little over cooked to me, but I give up. I think it’s time to use the phone for everything but making pictures.

No worries. My abandoning the phone as a camera won’t matter to the billions of people who continue to do it.



8 responses to “Help Me Understand”

  1. Judi Castille Avatar

    Technology…dont get me started. A grim week dealing with online shop set up..takes business focus a mile away from the creativity you hoped would be your business! The so-called Covid effect is also a double edged sword. Industries are finding that with so many people pushing to work online, print to order etc is oversubscribed. The ability to compete in a saturated market will be tough. I am finding some days are hard to comprehend.

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    1. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

      It’s the 80-20 rule applied. 80% of your work has nothing to do with creativity. Print to order doesn’t mean on demand. Nor do most companies have qualified printers. The best quality comes from sheet fed planten presses. A real old craft. Most print to order sites ar run by children.

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      1. Judi Castille Avatar

        Yes your right. Luckily we are doing most of our print work by next year. You spend more time ironing out the print errors, colour limitations etc than designing. We do our own mug printing and it’s great having control over the process, plus I keep a better margin that way and can keep price realistic to customer. We have the factory so over time there will be some old fashioned methods pulled into production.


      2. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

        You know I spent six years living in Hong Kong while working for a division of Eastman Kodak. I edited, designed and managed big printing press books and collateral projects. There shouldn’t be any printing errors, but there can be color issues. Whenever the US group was going to send me their work I always told them not to try to match the color from the computer to the printed piece. Projected color can never look exactly like reflective color. That made everybody’s job easier. Margins for printed work are around 8% if you don’t manage the process well. If you do, they might creep up to around 12%


      3. Judi Castille Avatar

        We find they always tend to print towards the red and we have add more contrast and a little more blue. Luckily for fabrics I do like my old faded tea stained colours and they seem to work ok. Currently using their colour matrix for some elements.Big learning curve. Printing, sublimation is a tricky one too…combinations if heat versus time to throw into the print RGB mix. Trial and error.
        Question…do you have a favorite bird? I would like to send you a mug and I love illustrating birds best or insects or crustaceans…odd combo but that’s my bag!

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      4. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

        That depends on how you are viewing it. If your light anywhere near the page is warm the reds look too strong. If you are viewing the printed page on press in colder light, you keep adding red until it is too strong.

        We have a Cardinal couple who leave for the winter and return to the studio window every year. So… Cardinals.


      5. Judi Castille Avatar

        True. Lighting source is another thing I need to amend.

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      6. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

        Something white balanced to 6500k.


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