Out Of The Woods

Like a fence.

Seems a bit like summer. At least in this picture. Of course, it’s spring. Sometimes one fills in for the other.

Often in picture making or film making one thing approximates another. There are filters that the movie business uses called “Day for Night.”

I’ve used it on some photographs. It may work when the image is moving, but for still images the effect is just too blue. Every time that I forget and use it I spend a lot of time working on the image to bring it back to something that looks like night time.

But, this picture. It fell right in to the right color palette. Unfortunately, I used my smart phone. Look at the picture carefully. What is the only thing that is sharp?

The fence in the far background.

That’s where the phone focused. I have no idea why. It’s back focused as it could be. If I’m basically working in auto everything I have no idea how to tell the phone what’s important to me. There is a patch that you can place over a section of the scene as you see it in the LCD. I put the patch where I wanted it.

No joy. If anything, that patch made it harder to focus on anything.

Did I mention that I really hate the whole idea of digital capture? Not only does it make actually photographing a little harder, but it’s bringing up a second generation of young photographers who think “spray and pray” is the thing to do when they are photographing anything including a rock.

That’s not where I intended to go with this. I wanted to talk about figuring out how to use a phone in auto everything mode and get the results that I want.

Yes, I know that there are ways of using a smartphone’s camera manually. Have you ever tried that? You better be photographing a rock. In the time that it takes to do the manual settings, the subject could have moved ten times.


Grumble, grumble, grumble. Toil and trouble.

I just about said everything I could say about the failings of this picture in the left hand column.

On the other hand, it is an interesting scene. Maybe when I return I can re-photograph it with a real camera.

We’ll see.

I dislike visiting the same scene twice. I’d like to believe that, but as I’ve mentioned in the past I’ve photographed some of these places at least 20 time, four times during each season and over the past five years that we’ve lived here.

You’d thing with that repetition the pictures would get better.

Oh nooooo.

They are technically worse. Much worse. I’ve changed cameras three times during that time. I’ve used one DLSR and two phones that followed.

What am I doing? A this late stage in my photographic career technological issues should be a thing of the past. The way past.

This means only one thing. War. Back to the mirrorless bodies that don’t even have shutter slap.

I’ll see you then.



16 responses to “Out Of The Woods”

  1. Love Alone Avatar
    Love Alone

    Reblogged this on Love and Love Alone.

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  2. rothpoetry Avatar

    I love the photo! Those giant trees give me the feeling that you are about to tell a fairy tale… or a surreal Alice In Wonderland chapter!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

      You are the second person to tell me that. An old friend said the same. The smartphone issues soil it for me. Maybe I’ll have to try looking at it from another perspective.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. rothpoetry Avatar

        Back off and put the phone out of mind. You are like I am with painting. … Maybe if I tweek it a little more it will be better!! :>)

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      2. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

        It would be better if the phone let me push the button when I want to and let me focus where the pictures needs it. 🙂 I’m just going to have to get used to carrying a camera everywhere again.

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      3. rothpoetry Avatar

        I guess so! :>)

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      4. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

        It’s how I was raised by my brother photographers.

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      5. rothpoetry Avatar

        I can understand that!

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  3. Judi Castille Avatar

    Yep the Canon Mark III is out today. The Samsung winter cut the mustard for the product shots. When I get a little money in I am buying a bridge camera….small but better than the phone. Smartphone zoom, lighting blah blah is annoying me. I find the smartphone makes you lazy…as it does a great job generally. Its quick too. But then you find a set of DSLR photos on your hard drive and you think..god did I take those marvelous photos! Why do I feel guilty?

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    1. Judi Castille Avatar

      Winter!!! Should say doesn’t…how does predictive text work that out!

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      1. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

        You might consider looking at another Canon. For many years I use a Canon G9 as a pocket camera. It was wonderful. I used it until I broke the shutter mechanism from overuse. I probably made 300,000 exposures with it. G9s are about 12 years old but you might look at what the current G model is.


      2. Judi Castille Avatar

        Ok will do. Lovely having the old camera out this week. Putting a few pictures on Instagram. Actually I need to follow you on there. Heading over right now.


      3. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

        I really dislike predictive text. I reread and edit what I wrote and I think I couldn’t have possibly made this kind of typo.


      4. Judi Castille Avatar

        I feel the same about life sometimes! Lol.


  4. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

    I followed you back. Mostly, I post Mardi Gras culture pictures. The newest body is called G1 Mark III. It’s about USD 1,000. Now. I want one.


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