Life Is A Highway

Out on the road.

This is one of those days when the picture has nothing to do with the topics. In fact, I have two subjects that I’d like to discuss.

But first, this is a road on the back side of the Sandia Mountain Range, making it slightly northeast of Albuquerque. Often, search for a PAD meant taking day trips. I enjoyed it. I met some interesting people and ate some real New Mexican food.

Here we go.

Police shootings. While one trial was going on another police shooting occurred in Brooklyn, Minneapolis, Minnesota. The same city. The police department says it was a mistake. The officer meant to tase him rather than shoot and kill him.

There is the case of the active duty U.S. Army lieutenant who was stopped for a minor traffic infraction. He was gassed and handcuffed for no real reason. Later the nastier of the two cops let him go after threatening him if he spoke about it. That is becoming a civil case.

There’s more, but I haven’t read about them except for this. While responding to a complaint of excessive noise two police entered a side yard, rather than ring the doorbell, of the house where the noise was coming from. A twelve week old puppy emerged from the shadows. One cop shot and killed him.

That’s the news as I know it. I’m not going to rant and rave. I’m going to say two things.

If you are so scared while you are performing your job, you need a new safe job. How do you accidentally pull a gun when you are reaching for a taser? Fear. How do you shoot a puppy when he was just defending his turf? Fear.

I can’t really speak to what the cop was thinking when he gassed and handcuffed a soldier except to say the video should what I thought was racist cruelty. The cop didn’t look fearful. He just looked mean. Find another job.

This stuff has gotta stop. Speak out.

Social media. This too, is not a rant. Instead, it’s a discussion of things that have become painfully obvious.

Social media is, for anyone who does business, a necessary evil.

Facebook is like a telephone book. You have to be there. Twitter is useful for local groups like NOLA Twitter or for fast breaking news.

Instagram is important for visual creatives although many posters turn their posts into words.

I don’t see LinkedN or WordPress as social media, at least not in the way I do about the previous three.

What I see in the previous three social media is they lost their helpfulness.

There are way too many fights, mostly of a political nature. Everything becomes political or worthy of being cancelled. Everybody has lost their sense of humor.

Instagram has become derivative and filled with wannabe influencers looking to be seen.

What to do?

I can’t really leave them, but I don’t have to post much.

Facebook and Twitter readers see my pictures because they are distributed from Storyteller.

Whatever I post on Instagram is automatically distributed to Facebook.

I do have to “like” others work on all social media, but I don’t have to comment. After all, “liking” builds your base, not that any of my bases are very large.

In many ways, I’m just going to fade away.



12 responses to “Life Is A Highway”

  1. kunstkitchen Avatar

    Hey Ray, It’s tough times here in the Northland. Tragedies keep happening. I hear what you are saying about the Fear factor. It’s just plain sad.
    I never crossed over to the other platforms. For me it’s too much distraction. Keeping it simple and cutting back is where it’s at for me. I get the business motive that people have for using these multiple ways to get their name out there in theory. From what you say about it all…well it’s tough out there. Keep the peace.

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    1. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

      We are well aware down here, living in a city that is half Black. We seem to get along, but we average five shootings a week. Mostly, it’s drug related. I don’t know if social media works the way we intended. All too cluttered now. If Storyteller wasn’t distributed from here to Twitter and facebook, I’d never be there. I use Instagram to show local cultural work, but that’s it.

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      1. kunstkitchen Avatar

        Since you are a professional, I get why you are out there. I have nothing against all that stuff. It wouldn’t be something that would be unmanageable for me. LOL!
        It’s a pattern here of heavy handed policing by some people. Too many young men lost at traffic stops in the last years.


      2. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

        I’m not that much of a professional anymore. And, social media hasn’t really done much for me except to expand followers. That doesn’t do much either. It might if I took it more seriously.

        Cops may seem heavy handed. I think they are just scared and should find another line of work. If they insist on being policemen then they should train themselves to be good at what they do which brings to mind something I saw in New Orleans a few years ago. A gun battle broke out between maybe six PD and a couple of drug dealers. The cops must have shot 50-60 rounds. They hit nothing. What kind of shooting is that?

        I don’t condone shooting. But, if you have to do it, do it right. You might not shoot some innocent person. At the same time learn the proper way to subdue someone. Sundue doesn’t mean kneel on their neck.

        My fear for the trial is if that cop is found not guilty for some crazy reason, there will be open warfare in the country.

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      3. kunstkitchen Avatar

        We are waiting for the outcome. Many places are boarded up in anticipation.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

        Good luck. I cannot imagine Chauvin not being convicted, but with PD you just never know. I saw that video. I know what I feel. I’m as allied as i could be with the Black community.

        Liked by 1 person

      5. kunstkitchen Avatar

        Unity is strength for community.

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      6. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

        Well justice was served. I find it hard to celebrate because a man is still dead. And, it’s just a start.

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      7. kunstkitchen Avatar

        Yes, it’s a start.


  2. sloppy buddhist Avatar

    Sending peace from the north … I also imagine another world Ray … 🤓🌞🤗sending joy hedy

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Debra Avatar

    Suddenly I’m not getting your posts in my email, Ray, but I’ll keep trying. This is a new issue, but if you see me coming and going, that’s why! 🙂


    1. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

      I think WordPress is working on their software since they sent me new changes to the block system. I’m just speaking off the top of my head.



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