R0ll Away The Stone

Balls, you say?

Every now and then I photograph something that amounts to a still life. I say, “amounts to” because I really don’t know how to shoot this stuff.

I’m not going to tell you what this balls really are. I’m going to let you guess. To me these are the strangest things ever invented. They are not branded even though their brand is really well known.

I intentionally left these balls very detailed. Maybe that will help.

To me, this picture is color for color’s sake. Maybe that’s what makes it enjoyable. It’s bright. It’s energetic. It’s wowie-zowie. It has, as an old professor of mine used to say, zotch.

Boy, did spell check hate that word. Ha!

It’s Saturday and we are all busy. So, this is short. Don’t forget that when you are out buying groceries to buy something fun. May I suggest some of these balls?

There is nothing technical to discuss.

I just placed these balls on a plate and stuck the whole thing next to a window. Since the weather has been cloudy forever the light is soft.

Soft light makes everything easy, not dramatic, but easy. Outdoor portraits can be made without any reflectors or lighting in this sort of light.

I wouldn’t rely on this. Weather is whether, and the day you plan to shoot a portrait in open but cloudy skies will be the day that the sun comes out and lights everything.

Let the buyer beware.



One response to “R0ll Away The Stone”

  1. Helen Flanagan-Sullivan Avatar

    I like “color for colors sake”

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