49 Reasons

John Lennon once called times like these clean up times. And, so they shall be. But, first I want to thank every one of you who reached out to me about the passing of Sophie Rose. It means more to me than I can say. I appreciate each and every one of you.

I will miss her more than you can know. Even just writing these few words brings that sting to my eyes.

As someone very dear to me said, “You can have until the start of the week to languish, then it’s time to pull on your pants and get to work.” The last time I heard that was after Hurricane Katrina struck and the late great chef, Leah Chase said the same thing about rebuilding the city.

They are both right.

So, was Lennon.

I don’t know what that means for Storyteller. I don’t even know what it means for my photography. I do know that it will be very hard looking for the “little pictures’ I used to make with Sophie Rose. I also know that second line and Black Masking Indian photography is a thing of the past. My illnesses won’t let me work in the middle of large disorganized crowds. That probably means Mardi Gras photography is done as well.


Music hurts me now. I’ve always found solace in music. Now even the screaming guitar of Jimi Hendrix brings tears to my eyes. I don’t know why.


I carry on. I’ll make needed and necessary changes to this blog. To my work. To my life. And, how I look at things.

And, one day.



5 responses to “49 Reasons”

  1. marina kanavaki Avatar

    We carry on, my dear friend, with all are joys and sorrows… we carry on. Smile will return too.

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  2. Sharon E. Cathcart Avatar

    Grief colors everything, and has its own timeline. I offer a sincere prayer that soon you will remember in joy rather than in sorrow.


    1. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

      Actually, we have a new dog. She came way too soon for us, but she needed rehoming and we have a home. She’s a year old cocker. We call her Maggie after the person who found her.

      She can never replace Sophie Rose, but she is already loyal to us.

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      1. Sharon E. Cathcart Avatar

        The right dog comes along at the right time, in my experience. Welcome, welcome, Maggie!

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