A Dream of America



ccording to The Washington Post, The President just said that Congress had reach a bi-partisan agreement on the infrastructure bill. All I can say is that is about damn time.

If ever there was a city in need of infrastructure repair it’s New Orleans.

You are looking at one of two drawbridges that cross the Intracoastal Waterway connecting the rest of the city to the Lower 9th Ward and locations further downriver.

Look at it. At the time when I made this picture it had been painted and it’s already rusty.

There are really three points made in this picture. Both drawbridges should be replaced with something modern. The Intracoastal Waterway — known locally as MR-GO — should be closed because it brought the water from everywhere that destroyed the Lower 9th Ward.

Finally, see that concrete structure on the right side of the picture? That’s the new levee built after the old one was broken in many places allowing the water from MR-GO to food and destroyed the Lower 9th Ward.

Now, about the potholes in my street.


nce again WordPress has made it way too hard to do anything with this block system. It will be the thing that finally drives me away.

I’m sure that I did it. At least what those fine morons at WordPress will claim.

Yes, WordPress if you are reading, I just called you morons. I’m sorry if I offend anybody with this next line, but leave the fucking thing alone.

They created some way of trapping copy with a blue box. You cannot edit anything in the box. If you hit the delete key, the paragraph is removed. The box continues to move upward deleting and deleting.

The only work around that I could figure out is to go back to a saved draft and use that.

Of course, this means all of the categories and tags are removed. If you schedule posts as I do, that is removed as well.

Moving is looking better and better.

Life is way too short.



15 responses to “A Dream of America”

  1. kunstkitchen Avatar

    Hi Ray, love the photo of the bridge. Yes! The roads here are atrocious! Remember the Minneapolis Bridge Collapse? That was a horror that will not be forgotten here. Yeah, WordPress sure is a pain. It’s so klunky. I used to be able to do some creative layouts before the block editing. Its demotivating to post. Photos… poetry, writing anything is a chore. Not much fun anymore.

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    1. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

      Thank you. Most of our roads are a mess. There is even a part of the city that is far out in the east where there was a super fund project. People living there today get sick, can’t plant anything and one parts just plowed over with nothing really done.

      I’ve figure out how to use block to do what I do, but that’s it. I’m like leaving in a weeks or so to build a website with a blog.

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      1. kunstkitchen Avatar

        Well, I understand, but would like to get a link to your site? Peace.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

        I may stay. WP made me an offer I can’t refuse.

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      3. kunstkitchen Avatar

        That’s encouraging?

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      4. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

        I don’t know. Today it was worse than ever.

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      5. kunstkitchen Avatar

        Sorry to hear that, Ray.

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      6. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

        Today, it is fine. I tried what Hedy (Sloppy Buddhist) did. She emptied her cache and rebooted o make sure it was clear. We’ll see.

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      7. kunstkitchen Avatar

        What kind of problem are you having?

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      8. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

        The paragraph blocks lock. If you try edit text by changing one letter the entire block is deleted. If you try to recover it the next couple of paragraphs are deleted.

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      9. kunstkitchen Avatar

        Well, that’s funky. It’s really touchy, I agree. More than once posts I worked on have glitched out. Frustration for sure.

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      10. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

        So, it happens to you as well. I wonder how many people have similar problems. I think, the trouble starts when WP is working in an area that we are using.

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      11. kunstkitchen Avatar

        Yeah, or it’s funky programming. This was designed to limit what we do. So they don’t have to support the complexity that was once allowed. And they want to make money on the product. I get that. I hope you have worked out something more flexible?


      12. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

        I pay half of the middle rate. I Wonder what the VIP users like FEDEX and The New Times use. Of course they have design staff who can use wp code, which is harder to use than any other code.

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      13. kunstkitchen Avatar

        Oh I don’t know much about programming. I’m thinking about downloading my materials and getting a different site design.


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