Not My Usual

So many of you have expressed concern about us. We are fine. Our house is damaged, but not badly. Our trees are in our neighbors houses. We have no power, no water, no phone. But, the internet is up. We are running out of food. Some grocery stores are open. But, we can’t get to them because streets are covered with broken trees, power poles, power lines and parts of houses.

Thanks for thinking of us. All of us

Published by Ray Laskowitz

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34 thoughts on “Not My Usual

  1. Glad to hear you’re okay. Clearly, would be better if you had food and water rather than the internet. Your generator still functional? Sheesh, I feel helpless way over here. Thinking of all of you.

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    1. The generator is in pieces after being pulled out of its armored encasement. It bounced through our front and back yards, crashed over our wrought iron fence where it bounced in the street and rolled up to Archie Mannings porch, through the door and into the living room.

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    2. Generator. Ha. It’s in our neighbors hallway after being hardwired, armored and strapped against storms. I have no idea why we had the internet when we did. All of the cell towers were blown into some other state.


      1. Hiya. Our Factory House is up for €100k. It has 9 rooms, detached, land. Not everyone’s ideal location but if you want to run a business you have planning already in place for warehousing, medical, whatever..its both residential and business.


      2. You probably don’t want to start cutting the price before we talk. Just saying.

        Nine rooms equals how many square feet/meters? Ms. Laskowitz who never uses my name will want to know about electrics. Plugs? Wiring? Voltages? A music studio could go into the house. Plugs are for instruments, mics, speakers, amps and recording deck.

        What’s in the kitchen? What can be in the kitchen?

        A gallery in a small village won’t generate much interest without a heavy lift. Like publicity in Paris and those rich places in the south.

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      3. Not measured yet…but approx 160 sqmtrs, ground floor and upstairs 122.
        Wiring OK but would need updating. We have electrician friend. The house is currently connected to three phase current but once sold it will down to domestic 240volt, but it can be what you need.
        You won’t have to worry about neighbours.
        So you would come to France?


      4. The kitchen has nothing in it as the original cabinets were terrible. If I had the house I would probably knock a wall down and extend the current kitchen or put it in an entirely different room. The main living is big enough to do kitchen/diner open plan.
        There are two back rooms downstairs, approx 4 x 4 metres, bathroom and an office. Long corridor down centre of house. Upstairs three large rooms under the roof and another bathroom. The whole house can be extended. If you landscaped the back, few more trees, quick growers, you get a lot of land. It wraps round the house.
        It is in a Zone Activity meaning quite businesses. Gouzon is a mix of residential and this. After 4pm businesses shut. Sat to Monday very quiet. Typical French Town here. Parking for as many vehicles as you want. You could build a music studio out back. You build a hotel!


      5. And we have a country barn too if that’s more your bag. Huge, land but needs to be finished. Livable in one part but we need the cash to finish it. Great views, ten minutes from Gouzon. Real stunner once completed as it has the hangar too that creates an opportunity to extend the whole barn almost double size underneath. Has a little house on site too for studio. But that would be in the region of €200 as is. But thought I would mention. We were going to complete and maybe rent out or use as a training studio/ art space in summer just to get some income. Its next to our friends beef farm and so no issues re being overlooked, unless you don’t like cows mooning at you over the fence!


      6. Sorry I keep thinking of positives…access to good medical, cheaper, access to European cities, trade etc, social, democratic taxes system, freedom of movement here even in lockdowns as so rural, historic places, good food, little if any planning permission headaches, cheap land, access to the Mediterranean in just 4 hours and Switzerland for the lakes and skiing….etc, etc. Its why we came here. A good spattering of Brits, Dutch, Belgians and Of course…Me!

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    1. Entergy, our power company, says 8 Sep and they’ve been very good about keeping their schedule. There was even a PG&E truck working on our street. We hit the wall. We’ll be gone by then. I’ve been through this twice in 16 years. I just don’t have the heart to do it again.


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