The Hard Way

Maybe, an age of miracles.


ave you ever shared a dream? We did. This morning. I woke up thinking ,”Whew, what a dream.” I was thinking about what I saw and felt, when from the other side of the bed came, “Oh my God, what a dream.”

I started talking about my dream and pretty soon she was filling in the parts I was leaving out. Then, we got scared. How is this possible, we wondered? Was this a weird thing or was this the best thing?

Why worry about it? The person closest to me, the one who I adore is able to actually appear in my dream. Well, wait a minute. I was seeing things like I normally would. It was not dream-like. People weren’t just showing up. I was looking and seeing. It was the same thing for her. We were looking for something. We didn’t see each other in this strange land.

Where we looking for each other? Had we split up to save time and distance? I have no idea.

One thing that struck me was the color. It was my kind of color. Bright, bold, contrasty. The scenes were almost cartoon-like. I liked wherever it was that we’d found.

My hope is that one of these nights, well early morning, I return to this place. Maybe this time, we can travel together.


he water caught my eye. I just pointed and shot. I repeated that a couple of times, slightly changing the framing and the length of the lens.

The picture at which you are looking is the first one. Sometimes instinct is the driving force behind good art.

I’m not sure that this picture is even close to art, but it’s the thing that I saw first.

It needed a crop to get rid of some clutter. That’s why it’s square.

You know that I’m not a big fan of square crops. I think it displays a lack of confidence by the photographer or designer.

For sure, a group of nine pictures cropped square and laid out as a big square looks very cool, but don’t hurt the photographs.

Never hurt the photograph.



6 responses to “The Hard Way”

  1. sloppy buddhist Avatar

    day dreaming is good for all of us ☺️🤓💫have a joyful day Ray

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

      Oh no, these aren’t day dreams. These are the kind of dreams you have at night and we shared them.


  2. Cara Lockhart Smith Avatar

    You asked a question – well, yes, when my son was young he came down early in the morning and told me his dream, and it was the same dream I had just been having when he came in (I slept downstairs in the front room!), slightly different imagery but the same dream, something hanging twirling from the ceiling. Weird. He was psychic when young, kind of picked up things he couldn’t have perceived through his ordinary senses. My Granny was from Newfoundland, a real psychic, but she just thought it was a normal part of experience and wouldn’t elaborate or theorise about it to anyone.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

      We did again, with the worst dream ever.


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