Little Day Remaining

In the distance.


o. I turned in another direction and saw this sky which was very different from the one that I showed you yesterday. The brightness of the light as I looked across the scene changed everything including the color intensity.

In case you are wondering, the weather is still cool and dry. In fact, it’s even cooler today than it was yesterday. The weather should stay that way for a few days. Warmth will return for a day or two as summer struggles to hold onto its grip only to fail as the sun moves lower in the sky until it begins to rise after the shortest day of the year.

We’ll pass through Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, The Twelfth Night and, with luck, Mardi Gras. That’s a funny way of looking at things, isn’t it?

Mardi Gras matters down here.

Not only are there a huge number of tourists who pump millions dollars into our economy that we dearly need, but there is a feeling of celebration in the air. We could use a little celebration after these two long, dark years. I could use being on the streets to photograph something that I love. For me, that’s enough.

In other words, I’ve come to a place where I have to weigh risk and reward. It’s not lost on me that if I get sick with the virus I could die. But, living the way I’m living now may keep my body alive, but my spirit and soul are dying. If they die, what I have preserved?

Tell me, what’s left?



4 responses to “Little Day Remaining”

  1. Debra Avatar

    We had family arrive in town today for the Stones’ concert. Them, not me. But they came by and we had a lot of conversation that ran parallel your question. They have health vulnerabilities including an auto-immune disease, but they are choosing to “get out there” more than I’d be comfortable with. The conversation reminded me once again of how we all have different relationships with risk. I wish you could have been on my patio with us sharing your thoughts. You would have been a welcome guest, and a welcome contributor to the conversation.

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    1. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

      Fist, we went to see The Stones in Nashville. But, we weren’t in the audience. We have “juice.” Seriously, I know Keith a little… I suppose this conversation ends this way. General Colin Powell died today of Covid 19 He was 84. He had the proper vaccinations. He also had blood cancer — sound familiar — and so he really wasn’t protected. Thank you, it might have been fun to discuss this stuff in person, but…


  2. Debra Avatar

    Yes, you have the juice alright! I’ve been to concerts of all types over decades, but never back stage.

    I do think we will be living with this nightmare for a very long time and I have basically changed my habits so much already I don’t know if I’ll ever be back to large crowds. That could also be about age, but I’m not quite ready to explore that one!


    1. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

      That’s our jobs. Since I don’t like being in crowds this works out just fine. Keith introduced me to the woman who is my wife in between sets at a blues and country show in New Orleans, after I photographed him in the Treme. If you send me an email address I’ll send you a YouTube link of this.


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