Oh No!

Another thing today.


nother change. This one happened by accident. It’s funny that I never thought of it. I had to see something similar and thought, “ah ha.”

It’s a combination of nature and people.

I’ve done some experiments in the past, but not like this. This picture is softer and more magical than past attempts.

I did manage to keep on with Mardi Gras pictures. I was afraid that I would start that project only to stop it after a couple of posts but, luck is on my side.

And, that’s it for this picture.


have some New Orleans crime stories to tell you.

The FBI raided the Sewerage and Water Board.

A bad guy stabbed a woman to death. Her daughter stabbed him and he stabbed her back.

NOLA police stopped on the interstate to help a broken down car. The car’s driver got out of the car and started shooting at the cops. The cops returned fire and a gunfight ensued closing the interstate.

All of this is prime NOLA. You have to live here to understand.



2 responses to “Oh No!”

  1. Debra Avatar

    I’m not unaccustomed to the city violence but it still always startles me. It’s endemic to some of our communities but I cringe when I hear. It’s a temptation to forego getting out there ever again.

    The photo brings me to thoughts of holiday lights. I’m ready for that season.

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    1. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

      I wrote those things sort of tongue in cheek. It’s just typical New Orleans. We finished our plan for dealing with it today. See Tuesday’s Storyteller.

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