Almost Dark

Interesting pizza place.


ow, oh wow, oh wow.

This is another picture that’s been reworked and cropped. What I didn’t notice until I enlarged it are some of the details.

The upstairs windows are new, if new means chopped out of the wall in the late 1800s.

How do I know?

Aside from the sloppy finishing job of those windows, my processing sharpened and brought out everything. There are letters all over that wall advertising something. They are part of a so-called ghost sign.

I’d have to do some research to know what this building was in the before times. Today, the upstairs is an apartment, maybe two. Downstairs is where a pizza place called The Louisiana Pizza Kitchen lives.

The pizza place was one of a couple of restaurants opened in the early days after Hurricane Katrina blew through. Most people went there for lunch because pizza. We could take it to go.


Now I’m interested. A little research is in order.

Maybe I’ll get to photograph from the inside out.



2 responses to “Almost Dark”

  1. Kim of Glover Gardens Avatar

    I love this picture, because a.) I love the picture and b.) it’s the picture that brought me to your blog, and you. Almost 5 years ago now! I was doing some research to support a NOLA Jazz Fest Anticipation post and found your lovely photo, a different version, in your blog, and you graciously agreed that I could post it. And thus, a fandom (me, admiring and learning from your photography and the lessons embedded in the posts) and a friendship was born. I knew without checking that it was the same photo (or from the same set of photos); that frisson of delighted recognition ignited and inspired me. Thank you for the trip down memory lane, in more ways than one, and the lessons inherent in the crop of the photo and what the enlargement revealed.
    Here’s my original post, one of many that mentions The Storyteller.

    Thank you, my friend.

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    1. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

      I remember. I’m so happy that it brought you so much because that’s really what I try to make my pictures do. I rarely do that. And, that’s okay. Every picture is different and ever person looking at a picture has different experiences that they bring to a photograph. This version is a crop of the original with a little more emphasis put on the red umbrellas. Like a musician, I’m letting the picture tell me what to do. Five years, eh? I’ve been doing this for a lon time.


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