Long Road Out Of There

Interstate 80 east of Reno, Nevada.


oad Trips.

Road Trips are essential if you want to stay sane, at least for me and a lot of my friends. Kindred spirits you know. I have been to Virginia a couple of times for business. But, we avoided every possible person which wasn’t a lot of fun. I’ll show you why eventually.

This is Interstate 80, eastbound. This is one way home. I like to make circular trips. I started in Albuquerque, New Mexico, on Interstate 80 where I eventually turned right on State Route 93. I made my way through Las Vegas until I came to State Highway 95 and kept going until I arrived in Reno via State Route 95 and backtracking on Highway 50.

When I left Reno I took Interstate 80, stopping at Fernley and eventually connecting to Route 50, The Loneliest Highway in the World — they haven’t been to Mongolia — where I travelled to somewhere in Utah and eventually returned to I-40 and home.

All of that to tell you I usually take the long way when I’m on a road trip that doesn’t involve business. Pictures can’t find you is your are speeding through at 90 mph. It’s great to get so far out there that the only communication devices that work are a couple of AM radio stations, or Spotify if you’ve downloaded music to your phone, a phone that won’t get internet or telephone signal. Before you get worried about having an emergency and needing a phone, just think about road trips you’ve taken with your parents. in an earlier era.

The picture was made on I-80. My co-pilot fell asleep so I made this picture on my own. No, the car ahead is not heading toward us. That’s water being kicked up behind it and lighted by the sun.

There was nobody but the two of us on the road so I took advantage of that and drove up the dividing line to get the angle that I wanted. We do something like that in New Orleans to avoid potholes.

Oh yeah.

The rain started falling again. It turned into snow, but not ice. Snow is fine. Ice isn’t.

Remember that. Just in case.



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