More Than The Sky

Not so dark in the sky.


ork. It’s all about the work. If it’s important the work is simple, but simple things are hard. In any case, the work is the prayer.

I’m sitting here listening to a pod cast with Donnie Osmond. Wait, what? Yes. Donnie Osmond. It turns out he is one helluva a musician and a great guy. Forget the early music. “Puppy Love” doesn’t count in this conversation.

He talks about talent. He talks about his career. But, he talks about work. Hard work. And, that’s what it takes.

That’s what it takes in photography. And, that’s what it takes for me. That’s where the problem lies. I know that it’s a combination of pandemic languishing, a bit of personal illness and just flat out being lazy.

There I said it.

I’ve been very lazy for the past two years. I have nothing but time and I’ve been pretty good at wasting it. It’s one thing to take a needed break. It’s another thing two waste two years.

It’s time to get going. I’ll have to break a couple of routines that aren’t so bad for me, but they get in the way.

Wish me luck.



6 responses to “More Than The Sky”

  1. gregorystackpole Avatar

    Godspeed, brother. You’re not alone in this lapse.

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    1. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

      Thank you. I just wish we could organize, discuss what we lost, move past it and be a power for good. There’s surely enough of us.


  2. Judi Castille Avatar

    I mentioned to Tony today that I felt as if I was in a dream. Something is still making me feel I am not trying hard enough. Maybe it’s the weirdness of this last two years…maybe because I need a break.

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    1. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

      “All a Dream.” Maybe you’re trying too hard. There’s zone in which we produce best. It takes a lot to get into that zone. We have our personal rituals and routines to get there.


      1. Judi Castille Avatar

        I think that’s exactly what’s missing. We are still finding our feet, dealing with paperwork, residencies and day to day stuff….I need to get organized.

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      2. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

        Or not. Just set aside a couple of hours to conduct business≥ That’s what we do. Well, mostly that’s what I do.


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