Believe in Life

Upside down.


ell, I thought yesterday’s post would draw some kind of reaction. And yet, crickets.

It tells me something.

Languishing for the better of two years, I’m not sure there is much motivation to do anything. For everyone.

I’ve been productive in my “other” career mostly because there are deadlines. I am deadline oriented. 50 years of doing something will beat that into a person. I don’t think that’s a bad thing. It’s just another tool for me.

It may be enough that we care for each other, even if it’s just listening.

We have another CoVid-19 variation coming. In many states it’s already here. It has been identified in New Orleans. Just in time for Christmas.

Merry Christmas.

And, don’t come near me.

All of our leaders say, “Don’t worry. We got this.” Right. Nature is nature. She does what she wants. I think she is angry with us.

After all, there was a big climate conference in Europe. Big leaders attended. They talked. They pontificated. They blathered.

And, nothing meaningful was done.

So, Ma Nature says, “You think the first two variations were something?” Watch this. And, by the way, hold my beer.

We need to do something even if it’s tiny.
For us, it’s buy locally and carry our purchases in reusable and recycled paper bags.

That’s just a start.

I’d like to swear off plastic, but modern manufacturing has made that impossible. We bought new kitchen scissors. Ours gave up the ghost as twenty or so years so we bought one at the grocery store.

There are two parts to the new scissors. The scissors itself and a sheath that has a blade sharpener that works every time you store the scissors.

That sounds great except that those two components are contained in one of those plastic bubbles that everyone likes, said no one ever.

Ah Ha! I managed to open the damn thing.

And, then WTF? Those two components were each protected by their own plastic bubbles..

Why, oh why?


e were

running in and out of time. That’s a chorus to the ever controversial Eric Clapton. His new album isn’t controversial. It’s slow acoustic blues, which you might hear in the Mississippi delta.

I think of it as being a good career ender. Who said that?

I’m supposed to discuss technique in the left hand column.

There really was no special technique used on the pictures that I’ve made in the last month or so.

So, I left this column out.

But, this picture. Oh, this picture. There is so much going on in it that I’d better tell you about it.

Here goes.

The image is layered. There are three pictures lurking in there, somewhere. That gave the image depth.

They were added as needed, pretty much organically.

I sucked most of the color out of what was a very bright and colorful picture.

I added some weird colors which are all the rage in the fine art world.

I say that they are everywhere at this point, meaning that it’s not very cutting edge. It may have been for the first person who did it, but not so much today.

I framed the picture with a filter that approximates an old Polaroid picture. The picture just needed it. So, I did it.

That’s it. You get to see it. That’s better than winning any juried contest.



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  1. Judi Castille Avatar

    I am catching up. Somehow time is speeding too fast.


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