They Might Be Lost

All along.


et’s start with this. Thank you to the couple of you who reached out after yesterday’s post. And, even a bigger thank you to those who didn’t.

Here’s the thing. I come from the school of thought that defines insanity as doing the same thing over and over again and hoping for a different result.

Something has to change.

Thank you to the two of you. But, that isn’t even close to thousands of you who supposedly receive this blog. I know that there are a lot of ghost subscribers, but still…

I started Storyteller with the hopes of drumming up a couple of assignments or licensing or selling a few pictures. And, a few it has been. Three in eleven years. That’s sales. No assignments. Obviously, Storyteller is not a good business. Actually, the only blogs that become good businesses are gear head blogs who garner photo company sponsorships.

That ain’t me. Never was. Never will be.

I don’t care enough about gear to write about it. To me, it’s about the picture. Following that, prints and books. That’s what matters.

That’s it in a nutshell for me.

I use Storyteller to experiment. Sometimes I succeed. Mostly I fail. That doesn’t matter to me either. I’m a baseball fan. The best batters hit around .300. That means they made an out two out of three times.

I learn from failure. I’m only coming around to learning from eleven years of that.

One of you suggested that maybe the pandemic and all that surrounds that is to blame on dwindling numbers. Possibly. But, what else do we have to do but stay inside and perfect whatever it is we do?

I dunno.

We’ll see in of couple of weeks.

Published by Ray Laskowitz

I am a visual storyteller. I've been making pictures for some 40 years. I travel the world in search of the right image. in the right light at the right time. You can reach me by phone at 505.280.4686, or by email at or For a quick look at my work please go to

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