They Might Be Lost

A long day.


dark sky along with a dark day.

I’m trying to decide two moral dilemmas. I suppose we all should take the high road, but I also feel that paybacks are in order to just to make sure that consequences of short sightedness are understood.

First, understand that I stand with all the states and people who were hurt by the weekend tornadoes. I know what it’s like to feel natures wrath. I’m with them all the way, but one of those states senators has voted no to every federal request for aid after a natural disaster. We, in the gulf south are still picking up pieces after Hurricane Ida blew through. Should we take the high road and help with federal aid. Or, do we say no with the intent that the voters in the state kick that dumb bonehead out of office? You tell me.

Then, there is me. My body. My primary care doctor will no longer prescribe Tramadol, the most lightweight of all opioids ever made. A couple of weeks ago, after trying to find ailments that don’t exist in me, he decided to take away NSAIDS, leaving me with only Tylenol to fight inflammation. I’ve been in agony for days. I can’t even sit up long enough to get any meaningful work done. That’s why I’m always late here.

This doctor never even looks at me, instead typing away at the examination room computer.

This is closer to home than the states that were blown apart. I’m inclined to help those folks, just as I’m inclined to have my lawyer write my doctor a love note. If that doesn’t get his attention it’s off to court we go.

Put me in pain and I’m going to do the same to you. I’m not normally like that, but enough is enough.

It’s reckoning time.



6 responses to “They Might Be Lost”

  1. Doug Wilson Avatar
    Doug Wilson


    I would wish for your doctor to suffer the pain you are dealing with. I had to sign a contract stating my use of Tramadol would be limited to use prescribed in the contract. My doctor is reasonable, but I had a previous doctor that was handling an industrial injury that had no understanding of what one goes through.

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    1. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

      I had the contract in the past. Everybody hated it. The doctor, the pharmacy and the insurance company.


  2. Sharon E. Cathcart Avatar

    I really am tired of docs who don’t understand chronic pain. 😦 I am so sorry, Ray.

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    1. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

      Thank you. This guy is determined to find things wrong with me that don’t exist> He double my BP medicine which caused an overdose. I had 6 of 7 symptoms. I’m going to own this guy before I’m done.


  3. C.S. Young Jr. Avatar

    Damn Ray, I’m so sorry you’re not getting the proper care. I hope you find another solution!

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    1. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

      Better meds are on the way. My attorney, a merges and acquisitions specialist, rattled some cages this afternoon.


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