Thinking About Livingston

Buddha redux.


esterday sucked.

Let’s start with my doctor. I received a letter from him dated December 1, yesterday. He’s leaving his practice. He sent that before he ever knew that I was gunning for him. That damn nurse didn’t even have the courtesy to tell me that.

What a messed up medical practice. I’m sorry. I just can’t be kind anymore.

Then it got worse. My former doctoral professor sent a bunch of us an email. Bel Hooks died. She was a feminist author who meant a lot to us.

My secret is out. I’m really Doctor Laskowitz. I mostly don’t tell anybody because I don’t use my degree for anything. I’m qualified to teach wannabe professors how to profess.


It got worse. When I started managing musicians I had no idea what I was doing. I reached out to a couple of people I knew. One, was Neil Young’s late manager, Elliot Roberts. Elliot passed a few years ago. He left a giant hole in Neil’s heart and a smaller one in mine.

Yesterday, Ken Kragen passed. He had a good run. He was 85. He helped Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton break through.

I have no more gurus. No rabbis. They’re gone. Maybe it’s my turn. To teach. Not to die. Not yet.

I suppose that a couple of you are getting the idea that when I tell you I was backstage at the last Rolling Stone’s tour I might have a little juice.

I’m gonna take it a step further.

Musical Miss is Norah Jones. The other musician is Mary Chapin Carpenter. Now you know. Don’t mess with me when I’m in mourning.

I just might tell you things that you don’t want to know.

Or, maybe you do. And, now you are going to try to get backstage passes from me. It’s possible. Anything is.


was paging through Facebook and saw a picture I really like by a fine artist I really like.

A real fine artist. Not one of those people who takes a picture of an average sunset and calls it fine art.

She more or less created the picture out of whole clothe. I thought it was a good idea, so I did it too.

No original thinking was damaged in the making of this picture.

After living in Hong Kong for so long. I acquired a lot of Buddha faces. I rarely photograph them, but I thought yesterday was a good day to try.

The original picture was made in black and white, but along came OnOne.

You know me. I can never leave well enough alone, I started tinkering and messing around.

Eventually, I came to this place.

The Buddha of rust.

The rust god.



4 responses to “Thinking About Livingston”

  1. T Ibara Photo Avatar

    Hello Mr. Ray. So you are indeed Doctor Ray – I had a feeling this was so. It is regrettable you have to experience (what appears to us international followers) such stress in what appears to be flawed medical system. I honestly cannot imagine how my American friends keep their sanity when these issues arise. The names you mention – even I have heard of them on this side of the ocean – I am sorry for your loss. I have a feeling you would make a good teacher, and certainly not the coddling type.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

      I was a gentle teacher. I was under the impression that Japanese people like Musical Miss. We filled Nippon Budokan four nights in a row. Then I took her to Tsukji fish market where she stuffed herself with huge pieces of sushi and sashimi.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. T Ibara Photo Avatar

        Yes, Musical Miss is well received by Japanese music lovers. I am glad you could treat her to Tsukiji Market. As you may know, it has now moved from its original location, and is no longer quite the same.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

        Yes. This was the old market. We walked through the market and came out where the sushi bars are located. The ones you go to at 7am with all the workers. She loves sushi and eating it as fresh as it could be in portions the size of my fist made her happy. When we tour, we usually play about 120 shows in a year. They are broken up in legs so that we work and go home. For our last two tours, we actually played entire legs in Japan. She loves Japan so much that I think if we every left the Us, she’d want to live there.

        Liked by 1 person

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