Something About Stars

After the storm.


urricanes and water. That’s what we are looking at. We are also looking at a full frame picture, not something made on a phone.

It is a reason to leave Louisiana. Two 100 year storms in 16 years. First came Katrina. Then, came Ida.

That’s enough right there.

It’s enough not to have power for weeks. It’s enough not to have it during the hottest season of the year. Months later and I still have car problems because I killed my battery trying to keep phones charged.

Months later and many, many buildings have not yet been repaired. I made this picture at my former apartment complex. I went there because at least they had a swimming pool.

They have that, but so many apartments are empty and are yet to be repaired.

Besides, now our pool is repaired. It’s wet. Anyway.

But, that’s why we are moving to a farm. Well, one reason.



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