Last Chance

Forest floor.


ast Chance Texaco. Not, this is your last chance. Last Chance Texaco is song by Ricki Lee Jones. She also wrote a book by the same name, which is an autobiography. We are listening to it.

We are big on podcasts, so why not listen to books when we are doing something semi-mindless?

So far I know that she had a rough upbringing. She was raised by her mom and grew up with her brother. They moved at least once a year. It seemed that they are always leaving.

That seems to be the case with a lot of well known musicians. Leaving.

That’s probably something worth getting used to if you are a working musician. Touring is about the same. Play one night. Leave. Play the next night in a different place. Leave.

The last two years have been weird for that. During the lockdown year, nobody played anywhere. Last year and the beginning of this year musicians are trying to tour. Some go out only to be rerouted, postponed and canceled. Or, it seems like they are dodging the raindrops. They’ll go out, play a show, reschedule one or two shows and resume again.

You could easily ask, what are you thinking? But, I know what they are thinking. They either need to play for people — musicians are like that — or they need the money.

I get that.



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  1. beth Avatar

    Yes, it totally makes sense


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