Stormy winter evening.


‘ve been struggling to find topics to write about. I’ve been trying to keep my posts lighthearted but we are living through some of the worst times that I’ve ever seen.

The country is so polarized that I’m pretty sure that we can’t agree about the color of the sky. Now we’ve got the Florida legislature writing a new law that will protect white people from being made upset by things said about them. Talk about snowflakes.

In Virginia the newly elected governor who presented himself as being moderate during his campaign is turning out to be anything but that. He signed two executive orders. One bans teaching Critical Race Theory. The other bans masks in school.

Where do these people come from? A bigger question is what are they afraid of?

People like him keep talking about freedom. What freedom? The freedom to kill me? Or, you? Or, you and you?


few housekeeping matters. Email. I have email. After waiting for the happiness dweebs to respond I finally gave up and figured out how to validate

When they finally did reply, the first person was mostly worried about my non-renewal of my .net domain. They’ve been nagging me about that since I started the process of moving. I’ve told them more than once that I don’t need that address. That’s not good enough. I’ve cancelled that domain. There is a big red reminder posted at the top of my administration page that I continue to ignore.

I wonder what they are going to say when I tell them that I want to move all of you and my pictures to my new web and blog site.

I guess that I’ll find out.



2 responses to “Winterlude”

  1. Debra Avatar

    I’m right alongside you in my total frustration at the way such a large part of our American population cannot even handle discussion of institutional racism. I guess if we don’t talk about it we can rest assured it doesn’t exist? The polarization is upsetting, to say the least, and we are in trouble.


  2. Missionarysights Avatar

    What I sometimes do is write what I hear and experience in real life. Being a musician it’s easy to notice the rhythms and nature’s songs.


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