Blue into the night.


ou’ll understand in a minute. You know, the title.

I’ve been making progress on the new and improved storyteller. It’s active now, but I haven’t published yet. I thought that when I activated it that this Storyteller might be inaccessible. I panicked for a minute until I thought about it. Ah ha! I knew where to find this.


I’ll tell you when, but


efore I forget, WordPress sent me an email. I get those because I pay for this site. They are getting ready to upgrade to WordPress 6.0. Apparently, there are major changes in how we edit. One of the changes is called emersive editing. We can edit everything at once, using drag and drop tools.

You know what I think about this. And yet, they’ve asked me to be a beta tester. I really dislike beta tests. I used to do that for Adobe with Photoshop. Some of the bugs were so bad that they crashed my computer. Not the app, my entire machine.


his picture was a case of me messing around. I took the original picture as far as it could go, and then I took it further. The biggest change came when I dropped a border around it. Parts of the image turned pink.

I don’t know why.

Published by Ray Laskowitz

I am a visual storyteller. I've been making pictures for some 40 years. I travel the world in search of the right image. in the right light at the right time. You can reach me by phone at 505.280.4686, or by email at or For a quick look at my work please go to

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