Tell Me Why

Playing trumpet.


hey say it’s all in the eyes. That the eyes are the windows to the soul. Who am I to disagree?

I haven’t been on the street for a long time. Y’all know why. It’s driving me crazy. I don’t like being cooped up. I’m not sure I’ll ever return to the street in New Orleans. That’s not always a bad thing.

There was a video that caused on hell of a buzz in New Orleans. A red SUV pulls up to a white coupe. Three guys get out of the SUV and start blasting away. The white car pulls forward and the bad guys keep shooting.

Murders are already on a course to be higher than last year, which was higher than the year before. Car hijackings are up by 500% over last year. There are muggings and beatings everyday even in the “good” neighborhoods.

The city council called a full meeting to discuss this. The police chief lied through his teeth. He said the problem wasn’t lack of cops. B.S. The city is down 500 cops. Most Mardi Gras parades are running on shortened routes and all of the routes are the same because there aren’t enough cops to cover them.

We are short of cops for a number of reasons. Salary and safety are the biggest two. After a year on New Orleans streets a cop with one year experience can cross the border eight miles away into Jefferson Parish and get the same job doubling his salary and they are out of the war zone.

The city thinks they are fooling us. Every 90 days they make a big deal of graduating 30 new cops from the academy. What they don’t say is that in the same time span some 90 patrol men and women leave their jobs. The ones who are left are inexperienced and have to learn on the job.

And, you wonder why a farm in Virginia sounds like such a good.

See below the three pictures


hey’ll be some changes made. For the near term I’m going to publish pictures of people. I’m not sure that they’ll all be black and white but there won’t be much of the artistic work that I have been publishing for the past gazillion months.

I have to calibrate what the new Storyteller is going to be. The folks on other social media like my people work. That’s what my gut says I should do. People. All kinds of people.

Let’s say what you have to say.



2 responses to “Tell Me Why”

  1. sloppy buddhist Avatar

    Wonderful portraits Ray…always love they way to capture humans…and yes your farm will be amazing ☺️🙋‍♀️❄️🕊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

      I have no fear doing that.


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