I Feel A Shift

A deeper place.


ittle did I know when you move one blog to another blog WordPress scoops everything up and removes it.

I opened this version of Storyteller. I almost had a heart attack.

As it turns out a lot of the the structure is gone, but I can still post so you’re stuck with me here for awhile.

Awhile is gonna take longer than I anticipated because, unlike twelve years ago when I built this, the new website is built on the block system. WordPress made it so much harder. Now, they are going to change it again.

Steven Jobs once said that computers and all the associated tools should make it so easy that they mostly run in the background allowing the rest of us to work at whatever we do. WordPress sees it another way. They try to make the computer stuff as hard as they possibly can.



changed my mind again as evidenced by the picture. It’s Sunday and I felt like it. That’s about the best reason of all. It’s really just a minimalistic layering job that I did.




7 responses to “I Feel A Shift”

  1. beth Avatar

    wp always seems to make things as difficult as possible for some reason

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    1. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

      You know, their code is so hard to write that even very experienced coders have to learn another way of working if they work on WP.

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      1. beth Avatar



  2. linnie Avatar

    i love your photo! i see a handprint “layered” on a tree … but i also see birds or bees, and at least two figures (one holding a stuffed rabbit). who needs to write code when you have so much artistic talent?

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    1. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

      I need to write code so I can develop Storyteller’s replacement. You know what John Lennon said about his songs when a reporter asked what his they meant. “Whatever you want them to mean.”

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  3. Debra Avatar

    My modest little blog was just supposed to be something fun for me to do. Honestly, since they changed to the block system I’ve hardly posted. I do wish you well, Ray!

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    1. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

      You can go into the blog menu and pull down “classic” and you’ll have something you are familiar with. But, for me, building a new site with blocks is maddening.


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