Now is the Start

Little bits.


lowers are starting to bloom. They are confused. The weather feels like spring during the day and winter at night. I’m confused. Lately that seems to be a normal condition.

That started during lockdown days when time was flexible. It’s gotten a little better, but I still confuse days of the week. Not watching network television doesn’t help. You know, if it’s Monday, it’s Doctor Kildare.

If you are young you have no idea who or what Doctor Kildare is it’s enough to say that it was my mom’s favorite show in the 1960s. I haven’t seen it on late night streaming shows but that last time that I did I was amazed at how bad it was.

I suppose that production values have gotten higher and higher. Today many television products look like movies. And, movies are boring because so many of them are Marvel franchises. I read Marvel comic books when I was about seven. I don’t want to watch cartoon-like movies now.

That isn’t an attack on Marvel. There are plenty of good films streaming on every possible source. You just can’t see them in a movie theater. Just as well. I don’t want to sit next to some guy who isn’t wearing a mask and coughing his brains out.

Watch what you want when you want to watch. That’s another thing that confuses me.

We bought a bunch of Roku/Amazon monitors one Black Friday. We put them everywhere. Roku has their own channel called — wait for it — Roku.

I received an email from them yesterday. They were crowing about their new channels. Everyone of them said live. I tested them. They started at certain time and ended at certain times, just like network television.


I predict failure. We live in an on demand society. Nobody wants to wait for nothing.

Even me.



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