Red, Red, Red

Flooded musical instruments.


ed. They taught us in art school that if you must err picking color, you should err on the side of warmth. Humans tend to like warmer pictures over colder ones.

I’m not sure they meant red, but I like the color.

I had two goals in mind when I made this little portfolio. Years ago I made another red portfolio. I did not want to dip into those pictures.

I didn’t.

I didn’t want to fall back on flowers.

With the exception of one, which is reasonable, I didn’t.

Yippee me.

These pictures were taken at different times and in different locations. Some in Santa Fe, some in New Orleans, and one in Beijing.

Most are joyful and happy. One is not. The picture of the musical instruments was made in the Lower 9th Ward after Hurricane Katrina laid waste to an entire neighborhood.




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