rant. A slight rant. Mardi Gras parade season began last night with Krewe du Vieux walking through the French Quarter.

In all the pictures that I saw I counted one mask, no social distancing. Many of the pictures were made by friends of mine who also didn’t wear masks.

I think that in about ten days we’ll see New Orleans’ fifth surge followed by the country blaming us again for being a super spreader event.


Thankfully, a farm in Virginia is calling. I’ll never have to walk among idiots again unless I choose to do so.

Unfortunately, I’m likely going to leave New Orleans without any friends. I have no choice. They don’t have my back so it’s time to ghost.

I can hardly wait until someone calls and wants to have lunch. I’ll reply, “let’s go here.” They won’t know where here is so I’ll give them directions. I-10 to I-55 north, drive for about twelve hours, call and I’ll guide you in from there.

There are a lot of good restaurants in Charlottesville.

We can meet there.

Now, I’m going to Facebook. So I can talk to my soon-to-be former friends.




4 responses to “Questions”

  1. Penny Speaker Avatar
    Penny Speaker

    It is getting harder and harder to live in New Orleans even though there is so much I love about it. The farm in Virginia sounds lovely. I’d like to go back to northern California if only they had more water and less fire.
    You do still have some friends here, ya know.

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    1. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

      Not only is New Orleans wearing on me, but if you read enough here you know that I’m pretty much trapped. We are looking forward to the farm. In many ways, I’m returning to the scene of my original crime. My newspaper career began in southwestern Virginia near Blacksburg and Virginia Tech. I’ve actually worked in C’Ville a lot when I worked for UPI/Richmond. I know I have friends in NOLA. I’m mostly talking about the one who go on about masking and then never wear one in crowds.


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