When It Came To An End

Band leaders.


hese pictures are about an anniversary of sorts. They were made at the last Mardi Gras parade that I ever photographed. It was at this point that my leg and knee hurt so badly that I gave up. I realized that I just couldn’t go one.

Talk about things happening for a reason

This was also the year that Mardi Gras became a super spreader event for which the entire country blamed New Orleans for getting everybody sick even though nobody knew very much about Covid-19. Except for the criminal president. Or, so he claims.

It’s very likely that being in the street surrounded by who knows who could have dumped the virus right into my lungs. Knowing what I know now I’d probably be writing this from the grave.

For sure, I’d come back to haunt everyone.

Working where I do, from the front of the parade, I see daylight turn into dusk, and dusk into night. I like that. I like watching nature influencing my pictures. It really helps me to see and understand light.

I try to learn a little from everything that I photograph.



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