Song of the Seasons

Color and a smile.


ve been feeling out of sorts for the past couple of days. I know where I should be. I know where I’m not.

I have a kind of fear.

I know that CoVid-19 is not going away any time soon. Most medical professionals who study this stuff are saying that it’s time to live with it, to manage it.

For people like me that’s just great. Does that mean I can never photograph the things that I like to shoot? Or, does that mean with the new drug that I can go out and make pictures?

There’s another question. When do I start to age out of walking in the streets? Do I want to chase these subjects in a few more years?

I have a habit of wasting time. Sitting at home has gotten me digging around in the past. Looking at old images has done the same thing. There are a lot of missed opportunities. Blown chances. Laziness.

Is it too late to turn that?

I don’t know.



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