Week Two

A little noontime sip.


fter a short break, I am back at it.

Mardi Gras parade season week two. It’s at this point that I start needing a break.

It’s likely that I’ve worked for six days in a row, day and night. The break came yesterday when there are no parades. Now work would normally run straight through until Mardi Gras Day.

By the time midnight falls on the city turning Mardi Gras Day into Ash Wednesday if I were working I would be exhausted. I know some photographers who have walked ten or twelve miles getting from location to location, mostly because it’s just easier than trying to drive and park.

Besides parking lots that normally charge five or ten dollars are up to fifty or seventy-five dollars for a space. Uber is usually charging triple surge prices so that has become unaffordable.

So we walk.

This year you might be taking your life in your hands.

Be safe out there.



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