The Day Before, The Day before

French horns and helmets.


he tools of the trade. I suppose that’s what you could call them. Brass tools. Trumpets, French horns, tubas, trombones. They all make their way onto the streets during the Mardi Gras parade season.

The students that play them come local and regional high schools and universities. The schools that teach the them often feed professional ranks.

The musicians who play in the brass bands that you see on the street at second lines all over the city likely came out of local high schools. Some go further. Some make recorded music. Some tour. Some make it to television. Mostly, they play in local clubs and on the street.

The difference?

It’s a combination of talent, work ethic, luck and timing.

The last two words may very well be the most important. Major, well known musicians, say that almost every time they are asked how did you get from here to there.

Athletes say a version of this too.

I think anybody who does something that requires a certain amount of skill and talent does something like this too.

How about you?

Tuba circles


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