Just In Time

In the spring.


t’s not quite spring yet, but the weather is warming. Nature is starting its march toward the heat and humidity of summer. That’s good because it’s been a long and cold winter.

We’ve all been through a lot. I’ve never lived in a time when there were so many big issues occurring at once. History altering issues. The last two years were hard on everybody.

Maybe we can turn a corner with spring. But, I fear not.

The fight in Ukraine is going to affect everybody for a long time. CoVid has slowed down but you never know what’s coming. Inflation is staggering. The cost of oil has more than doubled. (If I hear one more right winger say complete the pipeline I’m going to scream. That stopped pipeline would have brought Canadian oil to a port in the south where it is headed for China.) Forget even discussing the cost of groceries. And, so it goes.

My best advice to myself is read the news once a day. React accordingly, and go make art. Some kind of art. Any kind of art. Live your life. Enjoy yourself.

Just keep moving. Just like nature does.



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