Run The Voodoo Down

Extra special.


ast night it came to me in a fever dream just how much work there is to do. Not just me but for all of us.

We know the most pressing items. The pandemic, climate change, inflation, crime, Ukraine, China.

There are smaller issues that don’t seem so pressing. But, they are. The infrastructure is a really huge topic when you think about it. There are roads and bridges. There are railroads and other forms of mass transportation. There are the water and power systems. Everyone of those items needs repair, yesterday.

That’s enough for now. Just pray that wherever live you stay away from hurricanes. Our power company, the criminals at Entergy, just won approval to pass 3.7 billion dollars of storm repair to us. If they had hardwired and buried most of the power lines using modern technology that is swamp resistant there wouldn’t have been so much damage.


What are we going to do to get this work completed?

I’m all ears.



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