Do You Hear?

Into the sky.


inding a new and different path is hard. It comes with more failures than successes. They say that’s how you learn. If that’s true, then I must have learned a lot.

I’m not sure I can make the change, especially since this one can’t be in little increments. This one has to be a little more wholesale. We’ll see how this goes.

As I work through my archives I amazed at the production. I told you about the amount of New Orleans work. I didn’t mention the dog walking pictures. Making a few pictures every day, two times a day adds up to a lot. So, there’s that. And, they are very different than the New Orleans pictures. That’s an entirely different genre.

This is a long term project, but I hope to get a big chunk of it done by June when my other life kicks in. Times two. Between this and that I’ll be busy until early September. That doesn’t include the Virginia move, but this work has to be done. That’s how we pay for things like the Virginia farm.

There’s no free lunch. And, there’s no free farm.



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