The Other Side Of Midnight

Is this the end?


‘all know how I mess around late at night, right?


This happened.

I didn’t do it intentionally. It sort of just came out of me. As Bob Dylan says, I was just the conduit.

You know all of the things that have been spinning around in my brain. They are probably about the same as yours. The year started with viral worries and morphed within days into life during war time.

I don’t know what this picture looks like to you. To me it like looks the end of the war in Ukraine. It looks like it didn’t end the way we hope. It looks like things went too far and some leader in Russia got crazy and tossed a nuke or two or three. And, now the sky is green.

There is a movie called “The Way It Ends.”

After a hellish trip across the United States following some kind of disaster that occurred mostly on the west coast, two survivors are racing against the end… the earth collapsing in on itself.

And, you wonder how pictures like this come to me.


Is this how it ends?



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