Accidental Art

You won’t believe it.


ometimes I have to run errands. I was doing that when I accidentally made this picture.


You may be wondering how anybody could do that.

First, it’s me. Anything could happen.

Here’s the story.

I was walking to an appointment with my phone in my hand. It opens using facial recognition. I held it near my face in one hand as I was getting ready to pull the mask over my nose. I wasn’t intending to use the phone.

The phone opened and one finger hit the camera button. I kept walking not even thinking about it. The camera opened with my finger on the button.

Exposure, exposure, exposure.

This picture is the subject. To get the flower to this point I had to do a a lot of cropping. Remember that finger? It partially covered the lens. I do that in the best of times.

Cropping really didn’t help matters. The flower is slightly back focused. which would be a big deal if I had looked at the screen and tried to focus, but I didn’t know I had taken the picture. But, cropping enhanced the failure.

I’d say the phone did pretty well on its own.

I’ll teach it some manners later.



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