Really, Super Deluxe, Brand New

Don’t know why.


hotographer’s luck. I tell you. That’s how this picture came about. I went outside to take the trash out and to water the dogs. I looked up and thought “holy sh*t, look at that moon.”

Luckily, I had my phone with me. What’s lucky about that? I always have my phone with me. I just had to find something to add some context to a giant moon floating around in the night sky. I could not get the moon framed the way I wanted it, until I walked up to this tree that is still waiting for spring.

Once I had it, I had it.

These days, I use an iPhone 12 Mini. We try to upgrade no sooner than every three years. I got tired of carrying a big chocolate bar in my pocket, so I bought the smallest phone I could find.

The really good thing about its camera is that it works exceptionally well at night. It is designed that way. This camera is so good that if I waited for my next upgrade time, maybe iPhone 15, I might never work with another camera. A couple of friends already do that. One was a well thought of corporate shooter. All he works with is some kind of iPhone.

Think about that. No lugging heavy camera bags when you travel. No need of Photoshop unless you want to use it because there is a mini version of Lightroom for portable devices. And, because iPad has become so powerful you could work with a phone and an iPad and that’s enough. This is especially true since even many clients only use photographs online.

No desktop. No laptop.

I say that a picture isn’t a photograph until it’s printed. So, what about that? I made a 16×16 test print which hangs on the wall in my office. It was taken with an iPhone 6. It looks great.

There is one other benefit. If you are working in the street like I do, and one of those friends does, nobody takes you seriously. Stick a camera and lens in somebody’s face and they’ll question you. “Whaddya taking my picture for?” I’m pretty good at charming them, but what if they didn’t care, or smiled for you?

How easy would that be?



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