Deep, Dark, And Dreamless

Deep and dark.


his isn’t my usual style of Monday photograph. No matter. I like this picture and that’s good enough. It’s probably more about me than I know. It was made at night, which is rare these days. Especially when I’m just using a phone.

I suppose I could call it photographer’s luck but luck favors the prepared. Being prepared is an interesting point. What does it mean?

In the short term that means something like knowing where you are going and bringing the right tools to so the job. That’s a good example of tactics.

In the bigger world this a great example of what’s happening in Ukraine. While they maybe bombing the hell out of everything, the Russians had no plan other than trying to invade.

You know how that’s going.

There is also strategy, the over arching plan for completion. Even though it might not always look it, I do have a plan that I’ve carried over the last fifty years. Of course outside issues come into play.

These days outside issues start with technology — of which Brian Wilson once wrote “I Wasn’t Made For These Times,” which is why you haven’t seen a new website.

Other outside issues include the pandemic, big storms, the murder rate in New Orleans, the economy, and the war in Ukraine. Please tell me if I’ve left anything out. Oh, and there’s my other job. The musical one. Right now that’s taking a lot of my time and will do until September.

So, my strategy is in tatters. I’m counting on evolving tactics to account for some of that. And example is the murder rate. We bought a farm and are moving there which will get us out of New Orleans.

Globally, it seems that finally the Russians are adjusting their tactics to meet their failure in strategy even as if it seems their only strategy is to bomb civilians and non-military targets. What kind of strategy is that? They can’t even resupply their troops who are foraging for food and stealing chickens.

At the end of the day, the tactics that implement my strategy are fifty years of experience which evolves daily.

At least I don’t have to steal chickens.



2 responses to “Deep, Dark, And Dreamless”

    1. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

      Thank you. Some of my best pictures are accidents.


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