If I Die

The Monday Mood.


ll Monday. I sort of felt this way. Not exactly blue, but out of sorts. I still don’t know why. Perhaps there is just too much going in the world, in New Orleans, in my life.

I’m not the only one who feels like this.

Even on nice days things turn weird. I don’t get it. I suppose that may just be New Orleans. We’ve been averaging four shootings per day seeming like for forever. This crime wave shows no sign of abating. We feel unsafe going anywhere.

Then, there’s televised stupidity. We don’t watch awards shows. They are a waste of time. So much time. Between the squawking on social media and local news sources we couldn’t miss it.

Will Smith slapped Chris Rock for insulting his wife because she has a shaved head. She’s suffering from an Auto-immune disease. The so called knowledgeable opinion makers are split between violence is not good in any case or Smith was showing his loyalty by defending his wife.

What loyalty? They have an open marriage. There is nothing loyal about that.

I take the former’s argument seriously. Don’t get violent.

I live in New Orleans (for a little while longer). Slap someone in the face in this murderous swamp and you’ll be shot where you stand. You may even survive. The bad guys around here can’t shoot straight. They shot at two women. They fired some 80 rounds (a lot of magazine changes) and didn’t hit either woman.

That’s not as funny as it sounds. Those bullets have to go somewhere. I don’t know what they hit but they did no damage.


We all need a break. Or, if not that then lead the charge to something good. Something that will make a meaningful and positive change for somebody.


Or, buy a farm.



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