Do That and You’ll Lose It

And, then it burned to the ground.


side from Spotify buying AEG which owns Jazzfest, other strange things happened. First, neither of my musicians won Grammys. When I realized Musical Miss was competing against Lady Gaga with 95 year old and end stage demented singer Tony Bennett I knew she had no chance. Just as well.

Spotify buying Jazzfest means no more fighting for scraps and we can be paid well what we are worth.

Spotify did another strange thing. Well, two strange things. They managed to reunite the unreunitable Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young for a serious of Ukrainian benefit concerts.

And, they started a playlist with music from the British past like songs from Juicy Lucy, Robin Trower, Spooky Tooth, Humble Pie, Free and so on.

Sheesh. I haven’t listened to that music since the 1970s.

So why do I know every song like I heard it yesterday?

Juicy Lucy released an album this year. I didn’t know that those guys survived the drug years. I’ll listen to it in a bit.


This picture.

Remember the tornado that destroyed part of Arabi two weeks ago? This old plantation house sat near another neighborhood in Arabi near the sugar factory. That’s not code for something else. They make sugar there. The white stuff. No, not that white stuff. The sweet stuff.

It looked like you see it in the picture for the last hundred years. One night a bunch of kids broke into it. They were doing a little dope smoking. The building caught fire. They were too stoned to do anything about it.

It burned to the ground.

See what I mean?

Photograph it or lose it.



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