Can’t Let Go

It’s all the blues to me.


started this day thinking about the things I really like.

Some are obvious. Some less so.

There’s photography. Art. Design. Color. There’s baseball. The New York Yankees. F1 Motorsports. Music of all genres. Live music. Recorded music. There is travel. Other countries. Southeast Asia. Hong Kong. China. The American Southwest. Virginia. Even New Orleans.

You’d think this would be enough. You’d be wrong.

I started reading about people who just recently passed. David Roback, a guitar player who founded the East Los Angeles band, Mazzy Star with Hope Sandoval, my secret crush. Cancer.

Chris Owens, a legendary Bourbon Street performer who hosted the French Quarter Easter Parade. She didn’t look it, but she must have been ancient having opened her club in 1957. Sheesh, the club is four years younger than me.

Tommy Davis, a Los Angeles Dodger centerfield who I grew up watching. He was 83.

I’m not terribly sad but I find myself looking at the clock finding myself trying to do more of what I enjoy and less of what I have to do. I find myself less willing to put up with BS. I keep calling out wannabe photographers who take the same picture over and over.

One of them tried to turn the tables on me by asking to see my work. My succinct reply was, “Google me.” I haven’t heard his reply. I doubt that there will be one.

I don’t have time for this nonsense. I watch Grand Tour and Top Gear before that. The main presenter, Jeremy Clarkson has come up with the number of hours he has left to live.

I don’t know why.

I reckon by following his formula I have 105,120 hours left if I make it to 80. That doesn’t seem like much, does it?

No time to waste. Not now. Now ever.

I found this house buried in the bowels of Central City. It’s not exactly a ruin, but it comes close.

And, it’s blue.



8 responses to “Can’t Let Go”

  1. Sandra J Avatar

    I came to this point a few years ago, After I turned 50, things changed in my thought process. No time to waste, to get out there and just live life with no restraints, just go and that is what we have done. Do what makes you happy and enjoy life. It goes by so fast.

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    1. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

      This comes back to music thing. I know many musicians who are in their late 70s who keep working harder because time is short. I’m 68. Time is short. My joy comes from things that others might think is fun… like building a useable website with out needing a PhD in enegineerting.

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      1. Sandra J Avatar

        Yes, I remember when I first made my website, it seemed like it took for ever, just to have all the right plugins and such. I would not want to do that again. Simple is best for me.


      2. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

        For me WordPress was easy the first time around. It took a night to organize the basic site and about a week to fine tune it.

        This time around the block system is impossible. Nobody that I know likes it or can use it.

        Steve Jobs at Apple used to say that computers should be transparent allowing us to do whatever it is we do.


      3. Sandra J Avatar

        Yes, I agree. I just recently found out from some folks that look at my post, that videos will not show up if they only click on the photo in reader. They need to click on visit, which would take them to the web page to see the video. So I need to put a link there as well. I am glad someone told me or I would never had known. Little things like that I gloss over when creating something new on the internet.


      4. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

        You cannot post anything designed for the reader without back linking to the original post. The whole idea is self protection. If someone wants to steal your work all they get is the link. That’s why I rarely post on Facebook without posting here first.

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      5. Sandra J Avatar

        That is good to know, I did not know that. I don’t put much on facebook, just a photo now and then but the file size is so small that I put on there, I wouldn’t think it would be very good quality if they did take it.


      6. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

        That’s true, but what they can do is steal the picture and use it on a troll account. Or use it on a Facebook ad.


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