In The Days Of My Youth

Yesterday was terrible. Luckily, it only got worse.

It really started the night before when we learned that a man who is a friend to us all in the arts community was shot four times in an attempted home invasion. Bad guys can’t shoot. What could have been four shots to the chest at point blank range was one to the lower chest and three to the legs.

He is surviving. He needs blood. It’s a long road back if ever. When Deb “Big Red” Cotton was shot during the Mother’s Day second line it took her five years to finally pass after years of surgery and pain. Who know how he’ll recover.

Then, of course, 19 children and two adults will killed in a horrible school mass shooting. Apparently, there are 17 others who are also wounded. 38 human beings were shot for one reason.


Make no mistake, I’m not anti-gun. I am anti- semi-automatic weapon. There’s no need for them. If you claim the need for self defense, don’t. You need a hand gun or a short barreled shot gun known as an alley sweeper. It’s legal. It’ll protect you and unless you shoot at point blank range your victim will survive.

If you claim that you are a hunter, how many times do you need to shoot Bambi and still leave some meat on his bones? My ex-father-in-law was such a good hunter that he always brought home venison. He gave up shooting with a gun because it was no challenge. He started hunting with a bow and arrow.

If you claim you need an AR-15 to protect yourself from the government, don’t. Do you really think you are going to out shoot a trained soldier in a fight?

You don’t need semi-automatic weapons.

Turn them in. Besides, if I want to get into a gunfight with you I know a corner in Central City where I can buy a real live AK-47 for $500. You want violence? I’ll give you violence.

I don’t want violence. I just want this shit to end.

It won’t unless we take control of this because already Ted Cruz (You remember Ted Cruz, the chickenshit who fled his state because it got too cold for him) is already whining about the Democrats trying write gun laws a day after all those precious children were killed. He’d like to wait. He wants to wait for his NRA handlers to tell him what to do. That’ll happen this weekend when they hold their national convention in Houston. By the way, no guns are allowed there.

So, today, I’m thinking. And, publishing pretty flower pictures. I’ve got Led Zeppelin cranked up pretty high. Their studio work was actually pretty and well formed.

There are a lot of teachers in our lives.

Some are starting to post this.




3 responses to “In The Days Of My Youth”

  1. Mae Goes West Avatar
    Mae Goes West

    I can’t even fathom not passing any legislation after what happened and has been happening frequently in America for decades. But it seems unlikely at this point. Hard to wrap my brain around that when they passed anti-trans bills in break-neck speed.

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  2. rothpoetry Avatar

    A big amen to your article. Very well stated.

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  3. Ray Laskowitz Avatar

    It’s going to take reasl public anger to change things. We’ve pretty much already forgotten about it.


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